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May 25, 2009

Bulgur with chicken, edamame, and cashews

This recipe evolved out of two recipes in a recent issues of Cooking Light, one of which involved bulgur and edamame, and the other of which involved chicken and apricots. The result doesn't bear much resemblance to either progenitor recipe, but it makes a tasty and healthy one-dish meal that's not quite like any of my usual dinner staples.

This recipe needs a little time in advance to soak the bulgur, but otherwise comes together very quickly.

This recipe could very easily be made vegetarian by either omitting the chicken or substituting some cooked cubed tofu.

The Ingredients

The Steps

  1. Put the bulgur in a large bowl. Cover with 1 cup of boiling water, and let sit until the water is absorbed. (About 25 minutes to an hour, depending on how coarse your bulgur is.) I went ahead and soaked the dried cranberries at this point as well, but I'm not convinced that it's particularly necessary.
  2. When the bulgur is just about ready, put a little olive oil in a skillet big enough to hold the chicken in a single layer, and heat it over medium-high heat. Let it get nice and hot.
  3. Season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper and cook them in the skillet, about 10 minutes or so to a side, until done.
  4. Sprinkle the chicken breasts with dried thyme, and cut them into bite-sized chunks.
  5. Add the chicken, cashews, cranberries, onion, edamame, and lemon juice to the bulgur in the bowl and toss everything to combine. Drizzle in a bit of olive oil. Taste, and add more salt, pepper, oil, or lemon juice as necessary.

Makes 5-6 servings.

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